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From:root Date:May 15 1999 12:23am
Subject:thank you and more info
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First, a hearty 'thank you' to the people who responded to my previous
post with suggestions--they were ALL very helpful! Mysql and PHP are such
great tools in large part because of the active developer community of
helpful people. Thank you.

And now, the fun part! I examined closely, and noticed that my update
benchmark (where I was getting only 15-20 updates/second) had a logic
error, and was doing updates on an indexed column each time! I've fixed
it now, and I'm getting around 1,250 updates/second, which really kicks
ass :-) Happy happy joy joy!

Thanks again. I'll post again when I benchmark on the production server
next week, to report my results on much bigger hardware.


thank you and more inforoot15 May