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From:Cheng-Wei Cheng Date:May 14 1999 8:18pm
Subject:[OT?] multi-select & data architecture question
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Hi all
   I would like to get some comments from 
everyone who read this message. 

   I use multi-select control in my form class. 
However I am undecided on how I should output the
select insert delete and update string with multi-select 

   Currently my plan is to simply implode and explode. 
So even when it is a multi-select value it is still a
single record in the table. My main concern is when 
I need to scale up the complexity of the control.  E.g. 
referential integrity or one to many relationship. 
The simple way of implode and explode will not work. 

   So if anyone has any great ideas please let me know. 

Thank you for your time

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