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From:Christian Mack Date:May 14 1999 5:44pm
Subject:Re: insert ignore
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Mike Otto wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> > > is the keyword IGNORE in an INSERT
> > > available at MySQL 3.21.33b on Linux?
> >
> > Just curious, but why do you want to use such an old version?
> >
> > You can find the answer in the CHANGES history (appendix D) of the mysql
> manual.
> > Or you just can try it :)
> ... well you know my provider ... ;-)
> I made myself this little upload script using the Insert-Statement,
> so I thought adding Ignore would be nice to avoid the many
> Error No:1062 Duplicate entry '299' for key 299
> warnings. It works fine for me but in the Internet
> I get this parse error. I checked everything else,
> so it must have something to do whith the MySQL-Version.
> Thanks for answering, Christian, and sorry that I did not
> even think about looking into the handbook. I found it:
> "D.2.13 Changes in release 3.22.10: ...
> Added option IGNORE to INSERT statemants with many rows."
> By the way: a Option like Insert Replace to replace rows with
> the same key would be nicer. Is this still ANSI like? Or should it
> be be done with Updates at all?
> Regards,
> Mike
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> Mike Otto
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Hi again

Mysql uses a slightly different syntax for this:

But I don't know since which version this is working :(
So you again have to test this yourself.


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