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From:Tin Le Date:May 14 1999 5:24pm
Subject:Re: MySQL-DBI-perl-bin...rpm
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The latest version is 1.2017 and can be found at CPAN (
There is not rpm there though, but perl modules are fairly easy to install.

I've actually have two different MySQL DBI modules, one I d/l from
somewhere last year, but can't remember.

$ ls *ysq*

As you can see, it's DBD-mysql-2.00alpha3.tar.gz.  The README for it just
say look in CPAN for latest version, and I've never been able to find it,
but I do find

Anyone know the scoop?

Tin Le

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On Fri, 14 May 1999, Fred Lindberg wrote:

> Hi,
> Where can I find this package [with correct capitalization of MySQL]? I
> assume there is something newer than
> Mysql-DBI-perl-bin-1.1825-1.i386.rpm.
> Did RTFM and look at the download pages, but failed ...
> Thanks!
> -Sincerely, Fred
> (Frederik Lindberg, Infectious Diseases, WashU, St. Louis, MO, USA)
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