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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 16 1999 2:10pm
Subject:Response time measurement
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Hironori> 4) Something related to response time...  Is there any way to measure the
Hironori> each individual query's reponse time?  (Other than, doing it myself in PHP)
Hironori>  This way, I could analyze which query is taking long time to process then
Hironori> I can tweak each query that's running too slow.  Would commercial support
Hironori> cover this much?

You can use the code in to find out the speed/query.  The
MySQL 3.22 server can only help you by counting the number of queries
that take more than a given number of seconds (-O long_query_time=#)

'mysqladmin proc' will show you the current run time for all running queries.

It would on the other hand be trivial for you to add a couple of lines 
of code to log all queries that took longer than 'long_query_time' to
a separate log.

Hironori> BTW, I'm running mysql 3.22.14b on RH 4.2.  Majority of queries come from
Hironori> the webserver running apache & php.

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