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From:Bill Gerrard Date:April 8 2000 5:57am
Subject:RE: msql vs MySQL on virtual Server
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> I had an interesting conversation with my content hosting ISP today. I
> have a site that runs on a  vertual server,  and I asked if I had a
> license for MySQL, would they install it so that I could run my site
> with MySQL. I asked this because the will install mSQL on my vServer
> (actually I can run a script that does the install). I am under the
> impression that the vServer is then running it's own mSQLd (If this is a
> bad impression stop reading and put me in my place!!!:-) ). The answer I
> was given was that running MySQL on my vServer would use a lot of
> resources and cause the server to run slow for everyone.

I've never seen that happen.  All of our user's can run their own MySQl (or
even mSQL or PostgreSQL) daemons (even all at the same time).

The description under my name in the reviewer's section (page v) of Paul
Dubois' MySQL book pretty much says it all:  " virtual web
servers that give you complete control over your own MySQL database


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