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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 14 1999 8:03am
Subject:Re: chinese big5?
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>>>>> "chas" == chas  <panda@stripped> writes:

chas> I created a Chinese language search engine using MySQL - beta 
chas> is using the win32 shareware release so I didn't get the 
chas> chance to change the charset (we're using GB not BIG5).
chas> Despite this, things seem to work fine (or so I'm told - I 
chas> don't read Chinese yet so I have to trust the testers) .... 
chas> Or have I just been lucky so far ?

chas> So, I'm wondering : what differences are there in
chas> changing the charset ? what can't be done by using the
chas> english charset ? I'm  guessing that it means you can
chas> use LIKE (which I didn't need). But anything else ?


The main difference is how sorting and comparison are done.  With the standard
characterset (ISO-8859-1 Latin1) 'A' = 'a' and 'Å' = 'å'.   For other
character sets different rules apply.

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