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From:Dan Nelson Date:April 6 2000 7:12pm
Subject:Re: large files (63 bit)
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In the last episode (Apr 06), sinisa@stripped said:
> Andrew Schmidt writes:
>  > Ah,  I see.  One too many assumptions made.

Take a look at the Mysql manual, the section labeled "How big MySQL
tables can be".  It explains pretty well the size limits for 3.22 and

>  > I'll have to play around with the 3.23 to make sure it's stable.
>  > 
>  > FreeBSD 3.2-RELEASE has the bsd fseeko functions which return
>  > off_t which is a typedef to a 64 bit integer.  I've done testing
>  > and it does have support files large files.
> MySQL server does not utilize OS specific calls for large file
> support.
> Instead it uses it's own schema. To check out if large file support
> works on your OS, try creating an ordinary file of the size of 3 Gb.

FreeBSD has supported 64-bit files since 1994 through the open() and
lseek() interface.  Mysql uses Stdio for file access, however, so it
needs fseeko() or fseek64().  I added fseeko() for FreeBSD 3.2, so
Mysql 3.22.30 should definitely handle large files on your system.

Andrew: could check to see if Mysql's configure script is detecting
fseeko?  Run "./configure" (or "make configure" if you're using the
port), and watch for the following (it'll be right at the very end):

   checking for fseeko... yes

it should also set this in config.h:

   /* Define if you have the fseeko function.  */
   #define HAVE_FSEEKO 1

	Dan Nelson
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