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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 13 1999 11:55am
Subject:Re: Hell on earth
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At 7:22 AM +0200 5/13/1999, Oliver =?iso-8859-2?Q?K=F6nig?= wrote:
>Dear friends,
>I have recently installed MySQL on my Linux machine.
>I have been trying to install a few tables that a friend of mine has
>tested with his MySQL and sent to me. the name of that file is
>"tabellen.sql" I have been trying to execute the script for 10 hours but
>i failed. I looked in the mysql manual. It did not help. I tried to
>execute the program with mysql, but I failed. I got ERROR 1064: parse
>error near 'mysql wind <tabellen.sql>' at line 1  a zillion times.
>If you cannot help me as soon as possible I will commit suicide and have
>the undertaker write on my tombstone "Died of MySQL". Please, help

It's difficult to help you since what you've done is tell us that
what you tried didn't work, but you didn't tell us what you tried.
What commands did you execute?  What do the first few lines of the
script say.

From the error you describe, it sounds like you tried to run this
	mysql wind <tabellen.sql

but that tabellen.sql itself contains a mysql line near the top.
That suggests it may be an executable shell script, not just a
file to be fed to mysql directly.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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