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From:Opec Kemp (WTFRC) Date:May 13 1999 7:35am
Subject:Re: Date/Time
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Further to this problem I have discoverd a section in the MySQL
documentation regarding this. However, in my SELECT NOW() it did not return
value in GMT but in local date/time. The value of the date/time in the db
seems to be all stuffed up.
Here's the output of  SELECT NOW()

 1999-05-13 07:28:18

Where as the *actual* date/time was:
1999-05-13 03:28:00 EDT

I'm running a FreeBSD 3.0 Stable ELF system build with GCC version

MySQL info is:
Server version:        3.22.16a-gamma
Protocol Version     10
Connection              localhost via TCP/IP
TCP port                3306

> Hi how do I set Mysql internal date and time values?. The problem I'm
> at the moment is that the time when I do SELECT NOW() is now in sync with
> the System time , it is somewhat 5 hours the different. this is causing me
> lot of problem as I rely on mysql date/time function heavily in my
> thank you.

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