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From:Robin Bowes Date:March 16 1999 3:19pm
Subject:RE: How do I work around lack of UNION i
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> I have a music venue database with several fairly obvious
> tables.  The venue
> table contains a foreign key that references into a phone
> table.  I don't
> always have phone information for a venue, however, so
> sometimes that key is
> 0.  I'd like to select (for example), the venue name, city,
> state and phone,
> but am having trouble figuring out how to work around the
> partial missing
> data.

Use a left-join.


      select,, locale.state
 	from venue
	join address on venue.address =
	join locale on address.locale =
	left join phone on =

(this is off the top of my head so the syntax my be slightly wrong)

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RE: How do I work around lack of UNION iRobin Bowes16 Mar