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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 13 1999 12:58am
Subject:Multiple CPU Questions
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>>>>> "Fred" == Fred Chen <fred@stripped> writes:

Fred> Hi:
Fred> My company is using the newest version of Mysql on a large databases. We are
> thinking of using a multi CPU system (will be running Sun OS version 5.1) to host this
> database. Since I have not done this before, here are a couple questions. Your help is
> greatly appreciated.

Fred> 1. Is compiling the Mysql on a Multi-CPU system the same as a single CPU system?
> if not, where do I set the options?

There is no difference when compiling MySQL.

Fred> 2. How to take a advantage of the Multi CPU system to make the database run
> faster? How fast can it run compare to a single CPU system? I notice the Mysql
> documentation did mention that the Mysql can take advantage the multi CPU system. I just
> want to understand how to implement it.

Each connection uses a separate thread in Solaris.  This means that if 
you run 2 threads that doesn't use the same resources they should both 
run on their own CPU.

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