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From:Paul DuBois Date:April 2 2000 6:35pm
Subject:Re: A Query
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At 2:32 PM +0300 2000-04-02, Michael Widenius wrote:
>>>>>>  "Matt" == Matt Wagner <mwagner@stripped> writes:
>Matt> Thimble Smith writes:
>>>  <cut>
>>>  Rrnmph!  Now I'm in trouble.
>>>  I was basing that on my rememberance of a posting here in this mailing
>>>  list.  I thought it was Monty who wrote it.  But now I can't find it
>>>  anywhere.  And, what's more, I check the web site and behold! there is
>>>  Oracle comparison data there (both in the benchmark and crash-me pages).
>>>  So, unless I run into that posting that I was thinking about, please
>>>  do NOT believe what I said above.  I don't have any good evidence of
>>>  it!
>Matt> Nor do I, however there *was* something going on around the end of
>Matt> last year (1999) with Oracle asking to have their results
>Matt> removed. Monty would have to comment on this however (as I am as foggy
>Matt> as Tim :).
>Oracle just asked us WHY we have a non approved benchmark on our web
>pages. They haven't tried to sue us about this yet :)  On the other
>hand, one of our intentions with our current benchmarks is to show what
>kind of performance any user can get with a default database
>installation and for this the current results are accurate.  As we
>don't have any Oracle license that can be revoked and because we don't
>think they are allowed to forbid users to do benchmarks on their
>previous 'free' Oracle personal edition here in Scandinavia we have
>decided to keep the results on our pages.  We do however plan to extend
>the benchmarks so that one more clearly can see the cases where Oracle
>is strong.

"non-approved"?  What would it take to get an "approved" benchmark?
Give them complete veto control over it so that they could edit
results they didn't like, I suppose.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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