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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 12 1999 3:14pm
Subject:WIN32 mysqld and ODBC on same box supported?
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>>>>> "Casper" == Casper  <casperz@stripped> writes:

Casper> Is running the WIN32 mysqld and ODBC on the same system supported?

Yes. I have conducted many tests with MySQL with ODBC on the same

Casper> I have been testing MySql using Linux and the MyODBC driver with great
> success.

Casper> However when tring to connect via ODBC to the WIN32 shareware version
Casper> running in Win 98 I get an error 
Casper> that pop's up in a window. 

Casper> The Window title says DBUG and the message says "Test signal".

Casper> Here is what I do:

Casper> I start mysqld --skip-grant-tables from a DOS prompt. 

Casper> I can run mysql and run selects etc, but I get the error when using the
Casper> MyODBC driver to access the server. 

Casper> I have the ODBC driver set to and I've tried the actual IP and got
Casper> the same results.

Casper> I can use the same ODBC driver and access my Linux server's mysqld, so I
Casper> know the ODBC is working. 

Casper> Anyone seen this before?

The 'Test signal' popup happens if mysqld crashes unexpectedly on
Win32.  It may be some combination of your setup + the shareware
version running without grants that triggers this. 
Why do you run with --skip-grant-tables ?  Have you tried without

Sorry that I can't be more specific, but I haven't heard about this
problem before.  In the worst case you may have to get a registered
MySQL server to solve this problem.


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