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From:Nobody Date:May 12 1999 5:22pm
Subject:Re: egcs, MySQL and internal compiler error
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Chris Trown wrote:
>      Ok, I think I know the cause of the error and a fix.
>         Cause: Not enough virtual memory.
>         Soln: Increase the Swap space.
>      When I last tried to build mysql on my linux box, I hadn't added the huge
> swap partition I have.  I also use this box as a web search engine, so it
> requires a HUGE amount of swapspace.
>      Once I added the swapspace, egcs built MySQL just fine.
>      I think that the error message that egcs produces is inadequate.  It
> should say "virtual memory exceeded" instead of "Internal compiler error".
>      Thanks to the member of this list who pointed out that the problem was
> related to egcs compiling large files.  That prompted me to try again with the
> larger swap space.  Note that I compiled it with all the optomizations(-O6)
> turned on.
Note the remark from "monty": If compilation fails due to compiler
errors like:
	"internal error"
	"Out Of mem"
one should use the --low-memory flag for configure. I have about 500
(!!!) Meg
swap (on a HP UX 10.20 machine) but compilation failed. After disabling
the "-O"
it all compiled and MySQL seems stable. Actually this configure option
described in CH17 from the Manual.

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