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From:Chris Trown Date:May 12 1999 5:10pm
Subject:egcs, MySQL and internal compiler error
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     Ok, I think I know the cause of the error and a fix.

	Cause: Not enough virtual memory.

	Soln: Increase the Swap space.

     When I last tried to build mysql on my linux box, I hadn't added the huge
swap partition I have.  I also use this box as a web search engine, so it
requires a HUGE amount of swapspace.

     Once I added the swapspace, egcs built MySQL just fine.

     I think that the error message that egcs produces is inadequate.  It
should say "virtual memory exceeded" instead of "Internal compiler error".

     Thanks to the member of this list who pointed out that the problem was
related to egcs compiling large files.  That prompted me to try again with the
larger swap space.  Note that I compiled it with all the optomizations(-O6)
turned on.


What's the point?

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egcs, MySQL and internal compiler errorChris Trown12 May
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