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From:Richard Reina Date:March 30 2000 4:47pm
Subject:Non-XWindows frontends.
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I am writing an application using Mysql and perl on Redhat.  There is no
need for any graphical representaion of data whatsoever.  Accordingly, I
am try to stay away from having to write the screens in HTML (or
anything else that requires X-Windows.  So far, (I've only built two
screens, a user input template and a menu) I have had some success using
the curses and perlmenu modules to build the user interface.  

Is this the best way of going about doing this?  Are there other
character cell utilities or modules that I could (or should) or be
using?  Are there any longterm consequences to writing this front end in
a character cell environment?

I appreciate any advice provided.

Non-XWindows frontends.Richard Reina31 Mar