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From:Fernando Martins Date:May 12 1999 1:03pm
Subject:RE: Newbie questions involving Microsoft Access
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> That sounds great.  I'll have to give it a try.  though I am 
> not sure how
> that will get the links and relationships between the tables over..

Links/relathionships are Foreign Keys. Foreign keys are mainly
relevant (without thinking much about it) to:
- maintain referential integrity

I don't know if these are supported by mySQL. If not,
your applicattion can handle it...

Fernando Martins

> >
> >[clip]
> >Question:
> >
> >How can I (if at all) move entire database from Access into MySQL
> >without having to rebuild each table manually and then regenerate all
> >links and 'cross-connects'?  I understand that I can import 
> the data via
> >text dumps and ODBC connections, but that is only after the 
> tables are
> >established.  Any ideas, thoughts, or interjections would be greatly
> >appreciated.
> >
> >
> >I have not tested it with MySQL but the following should work:
> >- create an empty db in MySQL server
> >- install MyODBC drivers on a client
> >- create a DSN to connect to your DB/Server
> >- open your DB in Access
> >- for each table do: (you could easily automate this)
> >  - menu File; Save As/ Export
> >  - pick ODBC option
> >  - pick your previous ODBC DSN
> >- That's it!
> >

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