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From:Sasha Pachev Date:May 11 1999 4:20pm
Subject:Re: Linux - which is best
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efrazier@stripped wrote:
> hi,
> REALLY not meaning to start any arguments, but I was wondering if there is a
> general consensus about which distribution of Linux seems to get along best
> with mySQL in terms of dependability. I was just wondering after the recent
> post about the Red Hat problem. I use Slackware and don't seem to have any
> problems. Again just looking for opinions.
> What do you think the IDEAL system should be for a mySQL server that focuses
> on the ability to have a large number of connections/ high traffic but
> fairly low bandwidth, like no BIG selects and so on? How about the real UNIXs?
> thanks,
> Eric

I do not think it really matters. The problem posting
had to do most likely with a misconfigured virtual
server, and it could probably be very easily fixed with
a set of chmod commands. Linux is Linux however you
package it. I am rarely completely satisfied with
default installation of any distribution and will want
to bring in a couple of packages and change some
defaults anyway, which I think is the case for most

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