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From:Harry Brueckner Date:March 24 2000 9:41am
Subject:Re: skip_show_databases
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-- On 23.03.00 11:50 -0700 sasha@stripped wrote:
> Harry Brueckner wrote:
>> I am trying to use the option "--set-variable skip_show_databases" with
>> MySQL 3.23.8-alpha which should hide databases from users who do not have
>> I tried several ways to get it working and finally took a look in the
>> source file sql/  where I found that the option is named
>> skip_show_database (no "s" at the end like its mentioned in the
>> documentation).
>> But nothing seems to work. What is the correct way to get this option
>> working? Any guesses?
>> Harry
> --skip-show-databases

I finally got it to run. The syntax is


without the "s" at the end! It would be nice if this option could be added 
to the mysqld --help output. :-)

Thank you for your help!


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