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From:Vivek Khera Date:May 11 1999 3:33pm
Subject:Re: Backups (round 2)
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>>>>> "BG" == Blaine Grady <bgrady@stripped> writes:

BG> I'm back with the same questions as before.  I did read the manual on
BG> backups, but it did not answer my questions.  Given that I am running Linux,
BG> --skip-locking is turned on by default.  The manual says in order to copy
BG> the raw files, I will need to shut mysql down if I cannot guarantee noone
BG> is accessing the files.  I run a webserver with database-intensive pages. 
BG> Someone is always hitting a database and I don't have the option of

If nobody is updating those files, then you can safely back them up at 
any time.  Only if writing is going on do you have to worry about

You can also do a "mysqldump" at any time to get a safe snapshot.
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