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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 11 1999 7:12am
Subject:[help] netbsd 1.3 for sparc and mit pthreads
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>>>>> "Alessandro" == Alessandro Pengue <panto@stripped> writes:

Alessandro> Hello everyone!
Alessandro> I start quickly with a question:)
Alessandro> i've a netbsd 1.3 on a sparc. I cannot compile mysql (3.22.19) because the
> mit
Alessandro> p-threads won't compile. 
Alessandro> Can you suggest me a way to do it ?
Alessandro> I apologize if this was already asked... but i was not on the list :)
Alessandro> (and i apologize for my bad english)

Alessandro> Thank you.
Alessandro> Regards.

Alessandro> Alessandro Pengue


To get mit-pthread to compile on netbsd, you have to port the
sparc-netbsd 1.1 files to sparc-netbsd 1.3.

You can try to copy the files in 'mit-pthreads/machdep' from netbsd 1.1 to
netbsd 1.3. After this you have 'only' to edit config/ (to 
add support for netbsd 1.3) and then fix and compile errors that you


PS:  Sorry, but I don't have time to do this myself for at least a

PPS: If you get this to work, please mail me a patch :)
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