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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 11 1999 9:18am
Subject:help with configuring second mysqld
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>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Clarkson <tekshamn@stripped> writes:

Brian> Help!
Brian> I'm trying to get a copy of mysqld running on a client's ISP machine,
Brian> and I can't successfully start a second copy of myslqd.  The ISP offers
Brian> no support for this at all -- badgering for help got me enough info to
Brian> know that each user has to configure their own server/daemon.

Brian> I've reset the ENV (MYSQL_UNIX_PORT, MYSQL_TCP_PORT, and TMPDIR) but I
Brian> can't find their version of ./configure anywhere on the system that I
Brian> can access as an outside user.  find(1) didn't return anything related
Brian> to mysql.

Brian> I haven't tried a ~/.my.cnf file yet, but I thought that manually
Brian> resetting the ENV would be a valid option (at least, the docs -- sec
Brian> 18.3 for one) led me to believe that setting the ENV would work . . . .

Brian> Anyone have any advice?

Brian> Brian


Create a local copy of the safe_mysqld script and modify the paths at
the start of the script to point at some path where you have full
access rights.

You should only have to modify the following variable:

  DATADIR=	    # Where the databases are

You should also create the file .my.cnf in your home directory with
the following contence:


# The following assumes that 3308 is free



After this, you should be able to start mysqld as follows:
(This assumes your ISP is using MySQL 3.22)

safe_mysqld &

If your isp is not using MySQL 3.22, you must edit the paths in 
mysql_install_db so that they match your DATADIR.

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