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From:Blaine Grady Date:May 11 1999 2:58pm
Subject:Backups (round 2)
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I'm back with the same questions as before.  I did read the manual on
backups, but it did not answer my questions.  Given that I am running Linux,
--skip-locking is turned on by default.  The manual says in order to copy
the raw files, I will need to shut mysql down if I cannot guarantee noone
is accessing the files.  I run a webserver with database-intensive pages. 
Someone is always hitting a database and I don't have the option of
shutting down my databases when I make a backup.  So, can I make a reliable
backup every night given the above conditions?  If I can't, can I turn off
the --skip-locking switch, and not have any problems on Linux?

If neither of these are possible, I will have to switch to another
database.  I have to be able to make a backup on live files.  Any help will be

Blaine Grady
Webmaster/Database Developer
Kragie Newell Integrated Marketing

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