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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 21 2000 12:43pm
Subject:Re: Authorization of a sub-net
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At 11:02 AM +0100 2000-03-21, David Devidal wrote:
>     Hello,
>I'd like to know how I can allow a sub-network to connect to my mysql
>I have a sub-net who goes from ip to the net
>mask is
>Is there a simply command line that I can type to allow this range of ips.
>Or am I oblige to insert 62 ips in mysql database?
>Have you implemented the fact that I can give an ip with the net-mask to
>allow access?
>If not it will be a great improvement to do this, all mecanisms of the net
>use this feature !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Thanks for your answer.

As of MySQL 3.23, you can specify IP numbers with a netmask,

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
Authorization of a sub-netDavid Devidal21 Mar
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