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From:Christian Mack Date:May 11 1999 12:30pm
Subject:Re: Access problems from remote server
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Noah Silverman wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a database running with mysql that I have been very happy with.
> Recently, we split our processing onto two servers.  One machine hosts the
> mysql database and program and spends all day filling the databases.  The
> second machine runs a cgi script that querys the main machine.
> my problem is one of access.
> I have always used the following.
> Grant select on files.test to john@localhost identified by 'smith';
> now with access form a different host, I tried the following:
> Grant select on files.test to john@stripped identified by 'smith';
> This does not work.
> In order to get access, I have had to go in by hand and insert or change
> entries in the user and db files of the mysql database.
> WHY??
> Is there a single line that I can use to grant access without having to go
> through the whole fuss of editing each table.
> Thank You
> -Noah

Hi Noah

1) Is the machine your cgi script is running on?
If not, change it.

2) Does the user which want's to GRANT have Grant_priv from the host running the cgi
script on?
If not, give him this priviledge.

If it is none of the above, mail us your priviledge tables, so we can have a closer look
at it.


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