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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 11 1999 5:34am
Subject:Re: DAYNAME not using --language thing
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>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Mack <Mack@stripped> writes:

Christian> Fredrik Axtelius wrote:
>> I added --language=swedish when starting up my mysqld and thought i would
>> give me
>> swedish names in things like DAYNAME but I didn´t.
>> Is there a way to do this or am I doing something wrong??
>> Server is version 3.22.20a, compiled by me with egcs 1.1.2 on Solaris
>> 7/Sparc.
>> root@nic# mysqladmin variables
>> +----------------------------+------------------------------------+
>> | Variable_name              | Value                              |
>> +----------------------------+------------------------------------+
>> ---snip
>> | language                   | /export/mysql/share/mysql/swedish/ |
mysql> select DAYNAME(NOW());
>> +----------------+
>> | DAYNAME(NOW()) |
>> +----------------+
>> | Wednesday      |
>> +----------------+
>> 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
>> TIA
>> /Fredrik

Christian> Hi Fredrik

Christian> No you don't make any error.
Christian> The above setting will only affect the sorting of CHAR, VARCHAR and TEXT
> fields.
Christian> It will (at least at the moment) not change the day or month names.

Christian> Sorry,
Christian> Christian


I thought that ODBC requires one to return the month names/weekdays in
English.  I just checked the ODBC documentation and noticed that one
is allowed to return the date strings in any language.

We will fix the in MySQL 3.23.x

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