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From:Douglas Brantz Date:March 19 2000 12:34am
Subject:Re: Problems with Drop Down Menu!
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 I forgot that I was working with a Hash - and need to have the label
and value - in this case the label and value are the same thing so I
simply did a select title,title from project and now the drop down menu
works. At least it looks like it works - still need to write the other

Thanks again

Douglas Brantz wrote:

> I don't think I am pulling the data out of Mysql Correctly for a drop
> down menu.
> With my drop down menu I am getting the amount of rows I need, but
> they are all showing as the same title?  Somehow the array is not
> getting built for the title?
> Here is the code that actually creates the form:
> my $sth = $dbh->Query("select title from project")
> or die $Mysql::db_errstr;
> my $numrows = $sth->rows;
> if ($numrows == 0)
> {
>    #("No Projects Found");
> }
> #Now set up an array and a hash:
> my @sproject_values = ();
> my %sproject_labels = ();

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