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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 10 1999 11:18pm
Subject:Database and table filename constaints
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul DuBois <paul@stripped> writes:

Paul> The length of database names and table names is limited by the MySQL
Paul> server to 64 characters.  Anybody got an example of a system on which
Paul> MySQL runs where OS limitations constrain names to a shorter length?
Paul> For example, HP-UX not using longname file systems, or systems that
Paul> enforce a SYSV-ish 14-character limit?


On those kind of systems, the database name is limited to number of characters
for a directory and the table name is limited to the number of
characters for a table name  -4.

Database and table filename constaintsPaul DuBois5 May
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