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From:Douglas Brantz Date:March 17 2000 6:24am
Subject:Help with Between Statement
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Does anyone know if this between statement will work?

tdout is a timestamp
newtimein & newtimeout is a preformatted time like 2000-3-9 24:0:0 &
2000-3-10 23:59:59

my $command="";
$command = << "EOC";

timedata.totalsec FROM timedata, timeusers
WHERE timeusers.userid = timedata.connectid AND timedata.status="Out"
timeusers.userid=$newid AND timedata.tdout BETWEEN $newtimein AND

I tend to think that the Between statement is in the wrong place?

I am trying to grab records that fall between certain dates and I ahve
settled for allowing the user to
set the between dates because I don't understand how to code weekly

What I would like is an output to html that would simply allow weekly
records per web page, so there would be a row of number that would be
links to the pages as well as show how many pages of weekly records
there were.

Too much to ask for?



Help with Between StatementDouglas Brantz17 Mar