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From:Jay Flaherty Date:May 10 1999 9:40pm
Subject:Re: real slow query
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Discovered the problem. I had 2 tables not needed in the query 
causing it to get confused (tables aliases and smt below). 
Removing these 2 tables from the query sed thingd up dramatically 
:-) Thanks for all who replied.
> Hope someone can help me here. I have a query that is taking 
> forever to run. The database has between 2,000 and 3,000 records 
> per table and all search fields are indexed. Am I missing something 
> or is this supposed to be this slow? Is there a faster way to do 
> this? How can I enhance performance? The following query takes 
> 4 minutes to run.
> SELECT arrest.identity_id, MAX(photos.photo_file) FROM
> arrest, smt, aliases LEFT JOIN photos ON ((photos.arrest_id
> = arrest.arrest_id) AND (photos.photo_type = 'F')) WHERE
> (( = 'F') AND (arrest.race = 'W')) GROUP BY
> arrest.identity_id
> Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
> Take care of your shoes...
> Jay
> fty@stripped

Take care of your shoes...

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