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From:Marc Antony Vose Date:March 15 2000 8:46am
Subject:Re: getting data into mysql
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At 17:04 +0200 3/7/00, <sinisa@stripped> wrote:
>Marc Antony Vose writes:
>  > a really silly question, but...
>  >
>  > how best to get a bunch of data from an excel spreadsheet into mysql?
>  >
>  > some of the fields contain return characters, which sort of screw up
>  > a save as text dump.
>  >
>  > is there some secret to this or is just massaging the text file the
>  > best way to import?
>  >
>You can export data from Excel in <tab> delimited file.
>If some field contains return chars, try using some other token for
>end-of-line token for LOAD DATA.

am i missing something here? how can i tell which end of line 
characters to convert to another token?  i've got hundreds of entries 
here; far too many to do by hand.

is there any more sophisticated way to extract the text from excel 
where i can specify the delimiters i want?

Marc Antony Vose

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