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From:Vivek Khera Date:March 14 2000 9:37pm
Subject:Re: date_format Backward Compatability
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>>>>> "j" == jingram  <jingram@stripped> writes:

j> One of the older servers I'm using (3.21.23-beta) uses the percent signs as
j> literals, so I can't use them in my code.  So, on one server I can't use
j> them and on the other server I *must* use them.  And it's the same code on
j> both.

I think it unreasonable to expect backwards compatibility for a
version *two* major releases old.  3.22 has been the stable release
for quite some time.  The migration plan for making % mandatory took
one whole major release of the software.  What more can you expect?

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