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From:Mike Hardy Date:May 10 1999 6:36am
Subject:Re: [imp] Big batch of RedHat SRPMs
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(This is getting posted to the MySQL list now - the link below is to a
bunch of SRPMS, one of which is a MySQL package...)

On Sun, 9 May 1999, Robbie Stone wrote:

> > (I have no cool FQDN yet, sorry)
> is always available :-)
> (Just a little bit of a long URL, wouldn't you say?)

I have coming eventually, but network solutions *SUCK*.
Thanks for the offer though

> Ah, may I have the pleasure of complaining first? Ok. Thanks.

Be my guest :-)

> I cannot get MySQL to build on my RedHat 6.0 Sparc. It's a Sparc 2, and
> the MySQL configure script dies when trying to discover relocatable
> system calls. Ticks me off since without the database IMP(and PHP) is
> sort of "naked".

I have absolutely zero experience with Sparc troubleshooting, and MySQL
was the one list I didn't CC on that (I did now) becuase it seemed so
solid I didn't want to bother them.

However, and this is to any helpful MySQL people - do you have any build
suggestions for RedHat 6 on Sparcs? If someone feeds me links or hints,
I'll try to mow through them and fix the configure arguments in the .spec
file so I can post a new one. 

I tried searching through the list archives to no avail, if this is a past
or current FAQ, I'm very sorry.

Also, Robbie - did you get LDAP to build?? I would love to know what
worked and what didn't on Sparc if you've got the time...


Re: [imp] Big batch of RedHat SRPMsMike Hardy10 May