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From:terry jones Date:May 10 1999 4:54am
Subject:Re: Sparse tables in MySQL
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>>>>> "Sasha" == Sasha Pachev <sasha@stripped> writes:

Sasha> Are you sure that a relational database is the best tool for
Sasha> the problem? Databases work great when you have a lot of data
Sasha> that comes from a number of random sources in a somewhat random
Sasha> order, and is constantly updated.  If your data is static in
Sasha> nature and you can make certain assumption about it that will
Sasha> allow you to organize it without very much programming effort,
Sasha> consider a solution that would use a flat file and some
Sasha> algorthim coded in C/C++. However, if the data is constantly
Sasha> updated in a way that would make it difficult to maintain some
Sasha> decent organization manually, you should try a relational
Sasha> database.

Hi Sasha - good question.

Yes, I'm sure a database (though perhaps not a relational one) is what
i need. My data is not at all static. I need to be adding rows and
columns to the sparse table I'm trying to deal with all the time, it's
very dynamic.

I still haven't solved my original question... I need to think more
about Marco Becchio's suggestion <becks@stripped>, because it is
fine for the sparse binary table. I need to think in my object IDs,
and doing selection on properties that do not exist.

Thanks to everyone for their comments so far.

Also Sasha, I may end up using a hybrid approach. The system I am
working on has a server which accepts connections and translates
requests into SQL that it sends to MySQL. It might be necessary to
maintain my own sparse table and deal with coordinating updates to it
and coordinating its content with the database content. I'd rather
avoid this though, since those are jobs that the database is already
good at - which is why I'm using one in the first place.

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