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From:Sasha Pachev Date:May 9 1999 11:22pm
Subject:Re: mysql config & ISP
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Brian Clarkson wrote:
> Help!  I'm trying to get a second mysqld running on an ISP's machine.
> I've read through the docs already (and I'm gonna dig again & see if I
> missed anything), but so far the docs point to using the configure
> script ([TMPDIR]/scripts/configure) to reset environment variables,
> etc.  The ISP has REMOVED the entire mysql directory and all that's left
> are the mysql executables (mysql, mysqladmin, mysql_install_db, etc).
> I don't know if i can just copy up my local versions and tweak them
> since I'm running a version older than they are (i have 3.21, they're
> running 3.22; don't see it making a big difference . . .)
> Any help?
> Brian

While it is possible with some ingenuitity to accomplish what you are
trying to do, it might be more cost effective to either change your ISP,
use your ISP's installation of MySQL, get a dedicated line for your own
server or co-locate your own server. Of course, if you are doing this
just to see if you can, that's a different story :).

Sasha Pachev
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