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From:terry jones Date:May 9 1999 5:01pm
Subject:Generating Static Files
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>>>>> "Richard" == Richard McLean <vorple@stripped> writes:
Richard> I have a site which is using MySQL & PHP to dynamically insert database
Richard> information into pages and was wondering if anyone knows of a solution
Richard> available for generating static files with the information instead.

My reading of the question suggests the following answer:

Use wget ( to
take a copy of your site. Then simply put this copy in the place of
the current site. Something like the following will do what I think
you're trying to achieve.

Suppose the site is and that you have the
documents stored under /usr/local/www/ABC on your machine. Then do
something like:

    $ cd /usr/local/www
    $ wget -r -N
    $ mv ABC ABC.orig
    $ ln -s

The link in the last line might be wrong. Anyway, the idea is to use
wget to recursively get the complete site, then put it in place of the
directory with the PHP3 files.

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