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From:Douglas Brantz Date:March 11 2000 10:31pm
Subject:Please Help! Need-Time 2 Unix?
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I need some assistance with timestamp stuff:

I was able to alter the time stamp info and update the table fine,but
now I would like to
take the total sec of the timestamp and convert it into unix time so for

2000-3-10 14:4:40 is in my timestamp field;
50680 this is the value I get when I do a TIME_TO_SEC on the above
timestamp field
952812071  this is a time value from the server that I am just using as
a sample.

So, my question is how can I get the totalsec of the timestamp field to
look like the unix time stamp?
I tried the $time = time2unixtime but I get errors, maybe I am not using
it in the right place?



Please Help! Need-Time 2 Unix?Douglas Brantz12 Mar
  • Re: Please Help! Need-Time 2 Unix?Douglas Brantz12 Mar