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From:Sasha Pachev Date:May 9 1999 6:50am
Subject:Re: Newbie questions involving Microsoft Access
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Daniel Curry wrote:
> Hey everyone.  Pardon me if I am not doing this right, but I have never used a mail
> list like this before, just kind of lurked around, waiting for the answer to be given to
> someone else's question, so here goes.
> Situation:
> Database = MS Access 97
> 48 tables, all are crosslinked with relationships.  many have 8 or more
> relationships. 4 have over 15 each.
> 6 tables are 27 columns by 300,000+ records each.
> Problem:
> MS Access is getting SLOW ( I wonder why???  NOT! )
> Management edict is to move entire DB into a SQL server solution ( FINALLY, they have
> seen the LIGHT! ).  I suggested Linux because it is free and MySQL because is so
> multiplatform indepedent.  Surprisingly enough, they are willing to give it a try.
> Question:
> How can I (if at all) move entire database from Access into MySQL without having to
> rebuild each table manually and then regenerate all links and 'cross-connects'?  I
> understand that I can import the data via text dumps and ODBC connections, but that is
> only after the tables are established.  Any ideas, thoughts, or interjections would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Daniel Curry
> Network Administrator

MySQL does not support foreign keys, so you do not have to worry about
it. For the tables you could get Access somehow to dump all the table
structure info into a text file, and then write a perl script to massage
it into valid create table syntax acceptable to MySQL. Maybe there is an
easier solution, but if I had to do it, I would have the Perl script
ready long before I found the "right" tool.

Sasha Pachev
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