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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:March 11 2000 3:38pm
Subject:Re: standard deviation
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Excel does offer 2 functions, one for sample standard deviation and the
other for population standard deviation.  
>That depends on the purpose you have in mind.  If you have a known
>distribution, you use the population standard deviation, meaning sqrt of
>variance over N.  If you are attempting to measure the stddev from a sample
>of random data, determining the mean takes one of your degrees of freedom,
>so you divide by N-1.  To illustrate, if you are calculating the "standard
>deviation" (it's not a normal distribution, so the utility of such a measure
>is unclear, but that never stopped a statistician ;) of the probability
>distribution describing the sum of a pair of dice, you divide the variance
>by 36 (the number of distinct possibilities).  If you throw a pair of dice
>36 times and collect the results, you should divide the variance by 35.
>As someone who knows and cares about such things, I feel that MySQL (and
>Perl and Excel and the rest), should, like a good scientific calculator,
>offer both functions.
>Ryan Caveney
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