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From:Douglas Brantz Date:March 11 2000 7:42am
Subject:Re: Help!! Time Alter Question?
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I am now trying the following to grab the individual pieces of the timestamp
to alter them:
my $sth1 = $dbh->Query("select year(tdin),month(tdin),dayofmonth(tdin),
from timedata where
timeid=\"$newtimeid\" ")
or die $Mysql::db_errstr;
my @arr=();
while (@arr = $sth1->fetchrow)
($year,$month,$dayofmonth,$hour,$minute,$second)= @arr;
print "$inyear-$inmonth-$inday $inhour:$inmin:$insec</td></tr><td

I guess I need to know if it matters if I use year(tdin) or use
date_format(tdin, '%W')

And how can I alter the timestamp after I change all the info?
What is the best format for the time to be placed back into the timestamp?



Douglas Brantz wrote:

> Help!!!
> I would like to allow a person to alter the time field in a form.  What
> is the best way to present the info to the user without writing a very
> long script?
> Here is how I usually present a time field in perl-cgi.
> my $sth = $dbh->Query("select date_format(tdout, '%W %M %D %Y %r') from
> timedata where timeid=\"$newtimeid\" ")
> or die $Mysql::db_errstr;
> while (@record = $sth->FetchRow)  {
> $fool = $record[0]; $bar = $record[1];
> }
> print "$fool</td></tr><td align=right>";
> So, I would like to alter this time info in a form. Would I have to call
> each part one at a time, such as %W and create a drop down menu of all
> the Days of the week? and then after all that how can I put it all back
> together again and give the command TIME TO SEC and also Update Mysql
> with the new TIMESTAMP?
> I'm probably making it more difficult than it is.
> Thanks in advance.
> Douglas

Help!! Time Alter Question?Douglas Brantz11 Mar
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