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From:Darrell Shifflett Date:May 8 1999 4:06pm
Subject:Re: Moving db
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On Sat, 8 May 1999, Paul DuBois wrote:

> >> mysqldump connects to the server on torch and tells it to dump the contents
> >> of my_database.  The dump output consists of SQL statements to create
> >> the tables in that database and populate them.  That output gets piped
> >> to mysql, which connects to the server on pegasus.  mysql reads its
> >> input, which creates and populates identical tables in the renamed_database
> >> database.
> >
> >I hate to be a bug on the mailing list guys, but i want to get this right
> >and understand it.
> >
> >Paul, so
> >mysqldump -u root -ppassword my_database |
> >mysql -u root -ppassword renamed_database
> >
> >should work, as what you were saying in the previous post.
> >Both servers are connected and seeing each other. Your saying that
> >mysql will connect to's mysql server without
> >setting any privileges, and recreate the database and populate it.
> >This db will be named the same as the one coming from
> >Just a little confused cause i was told to rename the database, and it has
> >to be named exactly like the original to work.
> Not quite.  The output from mysqldump doesn't contain any reference to the
> name of the database you're dumping.  That's why you name a database on the
> mysql command.  That makes "renamed_database" the current database, so
> that any tables that are created are created in that database.

Thank You, this worked great! Moved 40+ megs and populated the db in a
matter of a minute, wow :)
Now i know the answer to this question!

> I forgot to mention -- you must create renamed_database on pegasus first,
> otherwise the mysql command will fail.  Sorry about that.  That's kind of
> important. :-)


> As far as setting privileges, that shouldn't be an issue if you connect
> as the MySQL root user and that user can do anything.  To allow *other*
> users to use renamed_database after it's created, you'll need to set up
> privileges appropriately, of course.

Yes, i had to set privileges for root@stripped for it to 
connect. It wouldnt connect on the first try.

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