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From:Chad Cunningham Date:May 8 1999 2:43pm
Subject:Re: [PHP3] Generating Static Files
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The simplest thing to do is to compile a php bianary on your system, use the same
script as is dynamically generating the page now, but croning it to run every x
minutes and redirecting the output to a static file. Something like

#!/usr/local/bin/php -q
dymanic script;

then use cron to run it as

/path/to/sciprt.php3 > /path/to/static.html

Maybe not the most elegant solution, but it's simple and it works.

Richard McLean wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a site which is using MySQL & PHP to dynamically insert database
> information into pages and was wondering if anyone knows of a solution
> available for generating static files with the information instead.
> The information isn't changing as much as we thought that it would, and I
> would like to get around the added overhead of it being dynamic.
> I know that this probably isn't that difficult to do, but it is outside of
> my level of knowledge with either PHP or Perl right now.
> Anyone know of an already built server-side solution to do this (free or
> commercial)?
> kind regards,
> Richard McLean
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Chad Cunningham

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