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From:Sasha Pachev Date:May 7 1999 10:15pm
Subject:Re: Sparse tables in MySQL
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terry jones wrote:
> >>>>> "Christian" == Christian Mack <Mack@stripped> writes:
> Christian> What you search for is the SET column type of mysql.  In it
> Christian> you can store up to 64 different boolean types by name.
> Christian> Just read manual section ' The SET type' and '7.3.9
> Christian> String functions' over functions FIND_IN_SET(...) and
> Christian> MAKE_SET(...).
> >>>>> "Jim" == Jim Faucette <jimf@stripped> writes:
> Jim> Have you looked at the bit operators? You could do something like:
> Jim> SELECT matrixrow FROM table
> Jim> WHERE matrixcolumn & (1 << 11) AND maxtrixcolumn & (1 <<
> 16) = 0;
> Jim> 11 is the 12th property and 16 is the 17th property.
> Again I realize that I haven't said enough.
> Both of these solutions suffer (I think) from being too small scale
> for my purposes. I want to have hundreds, or thousands, of these
> properties. As well as having tens of thousands of rows in the tables.
> Thanks again, and sorry for again not being clear...
> Terry.


Are you sure that a relational database is the best tool
for the problem? Databases work great when you have a
lot of data that comes from a number of random sources
in a somewhat random order, and is constantly updated.
If your data is static in nature and you can make
certain assumption about it that will allow you to
organize it without very much programming effort,
consider a solution that would use a flat file and some
algorthim coded in C/C++. However, if the data is
constantly updated in a way that would make it difficult
to maintain some decent organization manually, you
should try a relational database. 

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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