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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 7 1999 6:16pm
Subject:Re: Web host
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At 4:30 AM -0500 5/7/99, Hans Kind wrote:
>Hi Tim,
>In version 3.21.33b, the system admin must set the File_priv in the mysql
>user table to Yes, to be able to use this feature. In the latest version,
>3.22.22, there is no need any longer to set this in the table to yes, it
>will work anyway.

This is news to me.  Is it documented somewhere?

Recent versions of MySQL support LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE, which would
solve the problem below, except that his ISP isn't running a recent
enough version.

>Hans Kind.
>At 23:39 6-05-99 +0000, you wrote:
>>I am new so bear with me.  I am having problems with my web host. I am
>trying to import/load data infile - text files into my database. Here is an
>example of my command line input and mysql response:
>>LOAD DATA INFILE 'ce406.txt' INTO TABLE ce406;
>>ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'tmcquoid@[webhost].com' (Using
>password: YES)
>>>From the mysql documentation it appears that I don't have file access
>privileges in the user table.  When I asked them [web host] about it, their
>response was:
>>"You are properly entered into the user table, the problem is most likely a
>>version conflict -- we run the latest, safest version available, and it is
>very possible that it does not support this type of input method."
>>They are using mysqld version 3.21.33b.  Are they pulling my leg,
>incompetent, or am I doing something wrong?  I have been working on this
>for about a month now.  Any help would be appreciated.
>>Tim McQuoid
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