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From:Daniel Koch Date:May 7 1999 4:55pm
Subject:Re: Info request on compiling mysql3.22.22 on Irix6.2
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Cristobal Soto wrote:

> >Submitter-Id:  Cristobal Soto Y.
> >Originator:
> >Organization: Novared S.A.
> >MySQL support: none
> >Synopsis:      mysql wont compile: info on OS patches requested
> >Severity:      serious
> >Priority:      medium
> >Category:      mysql
> >Class:         support
> >Release:       mysql-3.21.22
> >Environment:
> System: sgi Indy, R4000, 96MB ram, Irix 6.2...
> I have installed gcc-2.8.1 and libstd++ (downloaded from
> Some paths:  /usr/local/bin/perl /usr/local/bin/gmake
> Perl: This is perl, version 5.005_02 built for PA-RISC1.1
> on Irix I built this perl too
> >Description:
> Id like a more detailed patches list for Irix, since in the docs wont
> mention the patches nature,
> and some of them wont show now on since they were
> replaced for some newer ones. Configure stops when cannot find size of
> char.
> (and some symbols undefined in
> >How-To-Repeat:
>         NA
> >Fix:
>         send me the patches descriptions? :)
> ~

SGI recommends that you install all of the patches on this page as a set:

At the very minimum, I'd install the latest kernel rollup, the latest rld
rollup, and the latest libc rollup.

You definately need all the POSIX patches on this page, for pthreads support:

Dan Koch
American City Business Journals

Info request on compiling mysql3.22.22 on Irix6.2Cristobal Soto7 May
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