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From:John Banks Date:May 7 1999 3:07pm
Subject:Re: Alpha linux problems
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   It's great to see that someone is working on this!! I've been trying
for some time to get a stable version of mySQL running on Alpha Linux so
I gave this binary a try. 

  It certainly seems more stable than the version I built myself and it
doesn't crash now, however it seems to hang occasionally when under load
from a number of concurrent processes at once :-( This occurs when
running with Apache+mod_perl+Apache::DBI to maintain a persistent
database connection for each child process - if I turn this off it seems

   Reproducing this is tricky, but running several copies of the
test-connect script at once usually seems to produce the same problem.
From a stack trace of the hung process it seems to be getting stuck
somewhere in pthead_connect. Any ideas?   

           John Banks

Alvin Starr wrote:
> for those interested in MySQL on Alpha. I have RH5.1 compatable(should
> also work on 5.2) RPMS/SRPMS availble at
> I also have what I believe to be a fixed linuxthread glibc.
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> alvin@stripped              ||
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