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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 7 2000 10:02am
Subject:MySQL 3.23.12 released
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MySQL 3.23.12-alpha is now released;  If this doesn't have any serious
problems, the next 3.23.x version will be updated to -beta.

Changes in release 3.23.12

   * Fixed bug in `MyISAM' involving `REPLACE ... SELECT' which could
     give a corrupted table.

   * Fixed bug in `myisamchk' where it wrongly reset the auto_increment

   * LOTS of patches for Linux Alpha. *MySQL* now appears to be
     relatively stable on Alpha.

   * Changed `DISTINCT' on `HEAP' temporary tables to use hashed keys
     to quickly find duplicated rows. This mostly concerns queries of
     type `SELECT DISTINCT ... GROUP BY ..'.  This fixes a problem where
     not all duplicates was removed in queries of the above type.  In
     addition the new code is MUCH faster.

   * Added patches to make `MySQL' compile on MacOS X.

   * Added option `IF NOT EXISTS' to `CREATE DATABASE'.

   * Added options `--all-databases' and `--databases' to `mysqldump'
     to allow dumping of many databases at the same time.

   * Fixed bug in compressed `DECIMAL()' index in `MyISAM' tables.

   * Fixed bug when storing 0 into a timestamp.

   * When doing mysqladmin shutdown on a local connection, mysqladmin
     now waits until the pidfile is gone before doing an shutdown.

   * Fixed core dump with some `COUNT(DISTINCT ...)' queries.

   * Fixed that `myisamchk' works properly with RAID:ed tables.

   * Fixed problem with `LEFT JOIN' and key_field `IS NULL'.

   * Fixed bug in `net_clear()' which could give the error `Aborted
     connection' in the *MySQL* clients.

   * Added options `USE KEYS (key_list)' and `IGNORE KEYS (key_list)' as
     join parameters in `SELECT'.

   * `DELETE' and `RENAME' should now work on `RAID' tables.

MySQL 3.23.12 releasedMichael Widenius7 Mar