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From:Chuck Date:May 7 1999 2:19am
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Love GNU too!

Perl and mysql are separate installs, independent of each other and of
apache and php.  To use mysql from perl, you need the DBD and DBI::mysql
modules.  To install php, install apache first, then install php with the
apache modules (using the --with-mysql flag to the configure program, of
course). The installer is good and gives you the option to build the apache
module.  Also, read the readme stuff, very important.


At 10:50 AM 5/7/99 +0700, abu wrote:
>Sorry stupid question ..
>Is The PHP replate PERL because PHP have PERL syntax  ?
>How to work together (I mean INSTALL) MYSQL+PHP+PERL of course APACHE !
>Abu [Still loving GNU]
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