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From:Vivek Khera Date:May 6 1999 3:11pm
Subject:Re: C API - almost there?
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>>>>> "G" == GTP  <Naveen> writes:

G> test.cgi: test.o 
G> 	gcc test.o -o test.cgi -lmysqlclient -L$(MYSQLLIBDIR) -lm

G> problem is when I try to run test.cgi, it says:

G> failed: Can't find shared library ""

G> but this file is in /usr/local/lib/mysql - I can see it there.

Options to the C compiler are processed left to right.  Think about
that and then carefully try to interpret what you told the compiler.
Hint: you can't ask the compiler to look for something first, then
tell the it where to find that thing.

Also, if you're using a shared library that is not in a system-defined
location, you need to tell the program where to look for the library
at run-time using the appropriate compiler flags for your system.


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